About   PowerKont
- Is it a matter of size, or a matter of competence -

The company PowerKont is a producer- and supplier independent engineering and consulting company. Main field of activity was from the beginning the area of high voltage and heavy current applications, with focus at the electrical utility business sector. Today we have widened our portfolio to low voltage applications as well as solutions in the field of renewable energy, like smart metering, energy storage and integration of renewable energy into the existing grid.

The plannings for the company foundation were already started in the middle of the year 2001 and were followed in February 2002 with the official company start. The official registration at the chamber of commerce took place in August 2002. Our main office is placed in Kernen, a small and beautiful village nearby Stuttgart in Southern Germany.
We are designing, producing, selling and trading products needed to transport, transform and distribute electricity, whereby a high portion of our activity is our consulting service to our customers, as most of the products need a lot of application knowledge to make the right choice. It doesn't matter, if sole delivery of single products, complex engineering of complete solutions in projects or intensive research to find special solutions for special purpose, PowerKont is always trying to be your partner, the partner of electric utilities, contractors, consulting and construction companies worldwide.
We are solving problems, we are finding answeres to your questions. We are recommanding and consulting in order to try making the life of our customers easier and more profitable.

In our very beginning we could achieve substantially growth rates, in some years after the start more than 25% per year. Moreover, with an export rate of more than 80% we are a very international acting company.
Today, with our typical project related business, we have as all project orientated companies quite a change in business figures, always depending on the demand of the markets.
PowerKont is not organized like conventional companies, as we have implemented a very flexible internal structur, more acting like a networking company. We are not big in size, our team consists of experts and freelancers worldwide. Our internal organisation is taking into account the strongly project dependent business of our customers. This flexibility is helpful in enabling us to offer the suitable cost frame to our customers. We are working acc. to the guidelines of ISO 9001, and the production places we are working with are all certified acc. to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, most of them have also accreditation acc. to Ohsas 18001. Our customers are the electrical utilities worldwide as well as contractors and construction companies.
Together with our worldwide network of highly skilled specialists, we want to show our abilities to become your partner for your questions and needs in the area of electrical energy supply, i.e. overhead lines and substations, cables and conductors, indoor and outdoor applications either low, medium or high voltage, smart grid, or grid compensation, as even FACTS is no unknown word to us.

Please take your time and have a look at our overview on our portfolio.
For more information on our products and services can be found on the following pages just by clicking on the links above.

Our huge product portfolio makes it nearly impossible, to publish all details in one printed catalogue. We therefore ask you, to get into contact with us, to start a discussion about your needs, to enable us finding the best suitable solution.

As can be seen below, our financial credibility is strong and our working processes approved by our clients.